Company Policy

Automotive & Industrial Systems Company is an in-house company of Panasonic Corporation that operates a B2B solutions business on a global scale. The business covers in-car-infotainment-related equipment, in-car electronics, batteries, electronic devices, semiconductors, manufacturing-related systems, and so on.

We are always conscious of the final consumers of our products, and endeavor to deliver not only B2B, but ultimately B2B2C solutions to all our customers.

With a focus on the automotive and industrial fields, we intend to work to enhance customer value through the provision of solutions in a wide range of fields from devices to systems. We also strive to leverage our collective capabilities to achieve the Panasonic vision of “A Better Life, A Better World.”

Yoshio Ito
Automotive & Industrial Systems Company

Panasonic Industry Europe Company Policy


Certificates of Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH

Certificate Certified Language Validity Date
ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 PIEU Certificate English 2023-07-14

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 PIEU Certificate

English 2020-07-14

ISO/IEC 27001 PAISEU Certificate

English 2020-12-23


Sustainability Data Book

In consideration of the increasing importance of sustainability management, Panasonic publishes the Sustainability Data Book to introduce our initiatives towards the society and environment as well as annual relevant data.

Sustainability Data Book 2017 (Full report) (PDF: 9.1 MB) Issued: August 2017

Independent Assurance Report and Standards for Calculating (PDF: 459 KB)