Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

Panasonic is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of components used within Commercial Refrigeration equipment. These components are recognized for superior construction and reliable performance.

There are several factors driving new Commercial Refrigeration equipment designs at a fast pace. These factors include advancing energy efficiency and refrigerant regulations to reduce global warming, changing food preferences towards fresh and prepared, connected smart appliance technologies and generational preferences. As the equipment industry for Foodservice, Retail, Refrigerated Transport, Vending and Food Storage evolves to accommodate these trends, some key technologies have a large impact on commercial appliance performance.  These technologies include advanced Thermal Insulation, and high efficiency Fan Motors and Compressors that drive Refrigeration equipment energy efficiency, as well as Sensors, Controls, and Communication Modules which provide unprecedented levels of service to predict problems and assist in efficiency performance and diagnostics. View Commercial Refrigeration Application Solutions >

Four Panasonic Solutions for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

R-Value = 60 Per Inch
Minimizing Refrigeration Equipment’s energy use has the largest impact on reducing the equipment’s carbon footprint. When measuring the impact of employing Panasonic VIPs on equipment, the energy consumption is reduced anywhere from 5% to 40% depending on the application, and consequently minimizes the carbon footprint. A secondary benefit is that Commercial Refrigeration and Cold Chain Equipment manufacturers can increase interior capacity of a Refrigerator or Freezer by roughly 5% as a result of reduced wall thickness. These panels are often implemented with a foaming agent for structural integrity.
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High Efficiency Fan and Blower Motors
Motor Efficiency Up To 85%
Advanced technology brushless fan and blower motors that are optimized for airflow and low noise performance are another way to meet changing efficiency regulations and end-user requirements. Multiple or variable speed motors reduce energy use and extend equipment life. Smart features will increase ease of use and diagnostics. Panasonic motors are available from 1-2 watts up to 1 horsepower, and some motors can be supplied with an assembly.
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Standard and Alternative Refrigerant Compressors
Alternative Refrigerant Compressors (R290, R600a)
The transition to Alternative Refrigerant Compressors continues to gain focus spurred by the EPA’s recent SNAP ruling. Popular Alternative Refrigerants cited for stand-alone Refrigeration Equipment are R-290 (propane) and R-600a (isobutane). The Panasonic QAS Series Propane Compressor can be used in low back pressure applications such as Beverage Dispensers and Vending Machines. Besides Alternative Refrigerant Compressors, Panasonic offers High Efficiency Inverter Compressors for various Refrigeration applications.
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Motor and Electronic Controls
Controls From Design to Manufacture
Panasonic Motor and Electronic Controls capabilities and engineering support range from design to manufacturing. Panasonic’s engineering team’s expertise includes robust controls for efficient Motor Controls, fully customizable GUI Electronic Controls, and for challenging environments such as vibration, humidity and dust. Competencies also include compact designs and low production risk managed through the use of multiple locations.
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Panasonic Solutions for Commercial Refrigeration Applications

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Panasonic components inside commercial refrigeration solutions

Glass Door (Beverage) Merchandiser/Bottle Cooler

Compact and full sized Glass Door Merchandisers have become popular at the front of supermarket checkout lines and convenience stores while Bottle Coolers are seen more frequently in family homes.  Whether using traditional or alternative refrigerant based vapor compression, or thermoelectric technology for cooling moderate capacity solutions, a high R-Value insulation can help maximize efficiency and capacity within these devices. High-end models may include Sensors for smart features that take action based on light, pressure or motion detection. 

Display Case and Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator/Freezer

As demographic preferences continue to shift towards digital and mobile device usage, grocery and supermarket design and equipment will need to evolve with technologies that offer a unique and superior customer experience.  Doors that can be transparent and/or present digital information, ways for customers to access in-store and out-of-store information, in-store customer experience and crowd management, and product availability are all important aspects.  Commercial Refrigeration Equipment companies are innovating to deliver meaningful features and services in their IoT compatible commercial retail and foodservice equipment.  Occupancy Sensors, improved Evaporator Coils, higher efficiency Evaporator and Condenser Fan Motors, improved case Insulation or Night Curtains for equipment without doors are all ways to improve the performance of the primary Refrigeration equipment functions.

Ice Machine

Automated commercial Ice Machines have to operate more efficiently starting in 2018 when the new DoE standards take effect. Similar to Walk-in Coolers and Freezers, the energy consumption of automatic commercial Ice Machines can be reduced by employing high efficiency Condenser Fans and Fan Motors Compressors, and high efficiency Pump Motors. Improved material to insulate around the evaporator compartment and around the holding bin are also recommended. The more the Ice Machine is protected from high ambient temperatures, the more productive the Ice Machine can be, with a potential side benefit of reduced clumping in the Ice Bin. 

Refrigerated Vending

Many Refrigerated Vending operators are embracing the fresh, healthy and convenience food trends by offering salads, frozen meats, yogurts, sandwiches and other healthy foods that require consistent temperature control to maintain freshness and desirability. Reliability is key for these shorter shelf life foods. Connectivity and intelligence is becoming a necessity with Vending Machines to reduce costs and better meet customer needs. Further automation is starting to merge these applications with more extensive robotic functions.  Some Intelligent Vending Machines can walk, talk, and in some cases, can partially prepare the selected food item. 

Walk-In Freezer

Using high performance insulation can significantly decrease the energy consumption of Walk-In Freezers, even if the insulation only partially covers the walls, floor and ceiling. The efficiency of the Walk-in Cooler and Freezer (WICF) Refrigeration System itself is largely determined by the level of control and efficiency of the Compressor, the Condenser and Evaporator Fans (motor and blade), and the type of Condenser Coil. Variable speed control of Fan Motors or Compressor helps to operate at the level required to maintain temperature stability, and avoid unnecessary runtime, which also extends system life.

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