Design Tools

 LC filter simulator

The Industrial & Automotive use LC filter simulator enables the simulation of attenuation amouts when configuring a filter using Panasonic's power inductor and aluminum electrolytic capacitor suitable for industrial & automotive use.


  • π type, T-type, and L-type filter circuits can be simulated.
  • Five circuits can be compared at the same time.
  • Parallel and series connections of components can also be simulated.
  • Graph and CSV outputs for simulation results (attenuation characteristics) are available.

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 Power Inductor loss simulator

The Power Inductor loss simulator for automotive application enables the simulation of losses and temperature rises according to the current for Panasonic’s power inductors designed for automotive use.


  • Two types of input conditions can be selected, namely power supply circuit conditions and current wave conditions.
  • Two types of boards can be selected, namely four-layer boards (t1.6) and high dissipation multi-layer boards.
  • PDF outputs for simulation results are available.

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 IGBT Module Compatible Soft-PGS Search Tool

This site allows you to enter/select the part numbers of IGBT modules to find the part numbers of Panasonic graphite sheets (Soft-PGS) compatible with the modules.


  • Enter the IGBT module part number or select the manufacturer/series/part number and then press the Search button.
  • Posted IGBT module manufacturer:
    ・Hitachi Power  Semiconductor Device  ・Mitsubishi Electric  ・Fuji Electric  ・Infineon  ・SEMIKRON

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 EDLC Backup Time Calculation Tool

Calculate the backup time for your application

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