Evaluation Kits: PAN13x5/PAN13x6 Series Evaluation Tool

PAN13x5/PAN13x6 Series Evaluation Tool design engineers Panasonic

PAN1326B-ETU, compatible to PAN13x5 and PAN13x6 Series, provides three popular standards: Classic Bluetooth®Bluetooth® Smart Ready and ANT. PAN13x5 and PAN13x6 Series are based upon Texas Instrument’s CC256xB integrated circuits and use a host controlled interface (HCI). Therefore documentation to PAN13x5 and PAN13x6 Series often use the acronym PAN13xx or TI based PAN13xx Series. PAN1326B-ETU makes the perfect fit to Texas Instruments MSP430 Experimenter Board. 

Check out the PAN13x5 Series (Classic Bluetooth® module) here
Check out the PAN13x6 Series (Bluetooth® Smart Ready  and ANT module) here

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