Choke Coils : General type 09D, 11D, 12D, 16B, 18B(Ferrite core type)

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design engineersPanasonicELC18B8R2L
Not SMD8.220100.0166.6
design engineersPanasonicELC18B822L
Not SMD820010103.10.41
design engineersPanasonicELC18B821L
Not SMD82010100.341.3
design engineersPanasonicELC18B820L
Not SMD8210100.0513.7
design engineersPanasonicELC18B6R8L
Not SMD6.820100.0156.8
design engineersPanasonicELC18B682L
Not SMD680010102.80.45
design engineersPanasonicELC18B681L
Not SMD68010100.261.4
design engineersPanasonicELC18B680L
Not SMD6810100.0464
design engineersPanasonicELC18B5R6L
Not SMD5.620100.0137.4
design engineersPanasonicELC18B562L
Not SMD560010102.20.46
design engineersPanasonicELC18B561L
Not SMD56010100.231.5
design engineersPanasonicELC18B560L
Not SMD5610100.044.2
design engineersPanasonicELC18B4R7L
Not SMD4.720100.0127.8
design engineersPanasonicELC18B472L
Not SMD470010101.70.55
design engineersPanasonicELC18B471L
Not SMD47010100.211.6


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