Inductors (Coils)

Inductors (Coils) design engineers Panasonic

Panasonic offers a wide range of Inductive products in both SMD and THT.

Surface Mount high Power Inductors (ETQ-series) in Metal Composite technology have excellent „non-hard“-saturation characteristics and are the perfect choice to reduce power loss at high switching frequencies.

Furthermore Panasonic‘s SMD ferrite Choke Coils with plenty of series make it easy for customer’s design engineers to select the most suitable surface-mount choke for various applications such as DC/DC converters in portable equipment. The smallest SMD Choke Coils features values from 1uH to 33mH at a footprint of 3mm x 3mm and a minimum height of 1mm.

Panasonic Chip Inductors have very good electrical performance characteristics and are available in laser-cut technology, with a wide range of inductance values and case sizes from 0402 to 0603.

An impressive diversity of THT Choke Coils, with inductance values up to 10mH for conventional mounting completes the inductor product portfolio.

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