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Power Relays, Signal Relays, and DC-Cutoff Relays

Panasonic offers a wide variety of relays including power, PhotoMOS, signal, solid state, automotive and high frequency relays.


  • PhotoMOS RelayMOSFET enabled solid state relays featuring low off-state leakage current and stable on-resistance over the component lifetime.
  • Automotive RelaysThe large automotive relay product portfolio is perfectly suited for the ever increasing need for versatility and innovation in car electronics and for almost all applications.
  • Microwave DevicesMicrowave devices are divided into relays and coaxial switches that are ideally suited for switching high frequencies.
  • Power Relays (over 2A)Mechanical relays with more than 2A nominal switching capacity
  • Relays with forcibly guided contactsWide range of Safety Relays for various applications such as Emergency Stop Switches, Safety Control Units, Elevator Control, Escalator Control and more.
  • Signal Relays (2A or less)Mechanical relay ideal for signal control, etc., with less than 2A nominal switching capacity.
  • Solid State RelaysWide variety of Solid State Relays including Through-Hole and SMD, High Capacity and Phototriac Coupler Solid State Relays.

Wide range of high performance Power Relays