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DC Pumps

Panasonic variable speed centrifugal pumps are designed for circulation of circulation of liquids (hot/cold water and brine water). These small, non-self-priming pumps range up to 14m head and 90L/min capacity. The variable speed capability enables improved efficiency over the full range of operation.

Specific applications include residential hot water circulation, sanitary water supply*1 and others*2.

The pumps are driven by Panasonic designed and manufactured DC brushless motors enabling consistent quality, compact size and customization. The precise control of the pumps are available using pulse width modulation (PWM) or analog signal and feedback signal of rotation speed. All pumps listed here are compliant with ErP directives in Europe.

Line Up

 Data SheetImageMains Power (Vm)Control Power (Vc)Control methodMax Water Temp.Max Ambient Temp.Dimension (mm3)Weight(kg)Noise Level (dB(A))Feedback SignalIPErP- Ready
PY-11NDCxxDC 24VDC 15V or no needPWM80°C60°C80x87x940.55≤35Rotation Speed-Ready
PY-21NDCxxDC 24V or DC 282VDC 12V or DC 15V if Vm = 282VPWM80°C60°C80x87x940.55≤35Rotation Speed-Ready
PY-43NDCxxDC 282VDC 15VAnalog 0-6.5V80°C60°C80x87x940.55≤35Rotation Speed-Ready
PY-122NDCxxDC 325VDC 15VAnalog85°C60°C107x117x1221.3≤38Rotation SpeedIPX4Ready


*1: The use for the sanitary water supply is depending on the local regulation. Please contact us for detail.

*2: The use for any application other than residential heating / cooling system or sanitary water supply is to be investigated respectively. Inquiry for the customization for some specific OEM project will be welcomed and to be investigated respectively. Please contact us for more information.

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