E-Bike Systems: Rear Hub Unit System

Rear Hub Unit System design engineers Panasonic
Rear Hub Unit System

The rear hub motor unit system is suitable for multi-gear (chain shifting) sports models. Panasonic developed this unit for riders who want to enjoy the E-Bike cycling in a more sportive way. The technology used provides this unit with a compact and efficient motor, high capacity battery and recharging function (recuperation). Together with our European partners for bicycle manufacturing we achieve sporty styled pedelecs with the Panasonic rear hub motor unit.

The power assistance provided by this rear hub motor system takes sports cycling to the next level.

Rear hub unit system 

Rear Hub Pedelec Motor
Rear Hub Speed Pedelec Motor
Torque Sensor



Regenerative Charging Function

Rear Hub Motor

The Panasonic rear hub motor is developed to achieve compactness, high-power and durableness. 

The design as a result of the well shaped form, the smart dimensions and the black quality coating,  matches the European style of sportive E-Bikes. The use of the standard shimano free wheel body gives you the chance to easily change the cassette to any desired gradation. A useful feature for sportive riders. 

In order to support the European trend to use high quality disc brakes for the sportive bikes,  the Panasonic rear hub case has the possibility to mount brake discs by using 6-hole mounting.

As an axle we use a full metal axle to have a high stiffness and durability even by high stress and strong forces, like it is typical for the combination of sportive bikes and riders.


The Rear Hub Unit is available as a normal pedelec motor which is limited up to 25 km/h and a so called speed pedelec version (Low Performance Moped) which is limited up to a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

The speed pedelec version has a larger diameter of the hub case. It has also the standard shimano free wheel body and the 6-hole mount for brake discs. But for speed padelecs there are certain legal restrictions, which do not allow to change cassette gradation or the brake disc model.


Torque Sensor

The high-precision torque sensor is responsive to changes in pedal power when starting, climbing or accelerating. A detector coil measures pedaling torque and sends an output power signal to the controller. This kind of technology allows measurement of the pedaling torque without contact of the axle, therefore without energy loss as well.







46.8 V Battery - Rear Hub Unit

In order to match the sportive E-Bike, Panasonic provides two types of batteries for the rear hub motor unit. The triangle type is 562Wh high capacity and looks sportive to set onto downtube. By setting the battery at the rear carrier, the trekking type look will be achieved. 



46.8 V Charger - Rear Hub Unit

This charger provides the same high quality in termos of efficiency and charging-safety as our high capacity battery technology. When the charging starts, a communication between the battery and the charger ensures a safe and optimised control of the electric current flow. For safety reasons there is no fan and no vent hole for protection from dust and moisture. 

- charging on vehicle is available
- Indoor usage only



46.8 V Console - Rear Hub Unit

Side LCD type console developed for a sportive E-Bike style. integrated display and operation buttons. 

Regeneration icon / Back light / Speed / Average Speed / Max. Speed /  Riding Distance / Total Riding Distance / Rest Riding Distance / Battery Charge Level / Assist Power indicator 







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