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E-Bike Systems - Motor

NEW! Power Motor Unit


More powerful, lighter, smaller than the motor units out in the past from Panasonic. To accomplish such a powerful motor, Panasonic has optimized the magnetic circuit design from zero.

  • Maximum 90Nm of torque makes your hill riding more exciting than before.
  • Minimizing the Q factor to 165.8mm makes the pedaling more efficient.
  • Compatible with the ISIS crank which increase the variaty of cranks for customers
  • Lighter the motor, better the handling for E-Bikes.
TypeOutputVoltageWeightTorque (Max)

Multi Speed Assist System


This motor is the beginning of a new flexibilty for using  electric power  within compact assist systems. This system combines the advantages from the well known "One Axle Motor Unit"  with an internal gear box technology, to provide a new feeling for riding a high quality pedelec.

The User is able to choose between two different gears as it  is known from outer chain shifting systems, but less leaping chain due to one sprocket.

It's also able to reduce the deterioration of the chain and other transmission parts (which are direct in touch with the chain) during the use of smaller gear ratios (e.g. by riding uphill). Because the chain is still using same size of big front sprocket with relatively long circulation length, which supports a well harmonized force sharing at the chain.

TypeOutputVoltageWeightSprocket SizeTorque (Max)
Pedelec250W36Vapprox. 4.8kg29T / 35T66Nm
S-Pedelec350W36Vapprox. 4.8kg29T / 35T75Nm


Wide Gear Ratio
29TLow29T(1 : 1)
High41.035T(1 : 1.415)
35TLow35T(1 : 1)
High48.525T(1 : 1.415)

Front / Rear Mount Motor Unit


The motor unit is the main device with the most influence to perceive the power as assistance on an E-Bike. The "one-axle"-type provides the assist power directly to the big chain wheel (41 teeth steel chain wheel).

There are several improvements compared to the established "two-axle"-type:

  • Large chain wheel (41 teeth) which provides the motor power to the chain and has an improved power transmission and reduces the attrition of the chain and the chain wheel
  • Reduced amount of parts which are involved to any force and need to be serviced

The front-mount-version has the same structure inside as the rear mount. Only the outside body is turned about 180°  by an adjusted shape. Therefore there are the same advantages compared to the established "two-axle"-system like the "rear-mount"-type.

TypeOutputVoltageWeightTorque (Max)

Front Hub Motor Unit


Thanks to the similar looks of a front hub dynamo, which is typical for city and trekking bikes, the motor is quite hidden. Only the battery itself indicates that it is an electric power assisted cycle. 

Highlight features are the compact and powerful motor, the high capacity battery and a separate located small torque sensor. Especially the structure of a rear wheel, powered by the rider and the front wheel powered by a motor is similar to an all-wheel-drive of a car which is still a unique characteristic of the front hub motor systems.

This double power system allows comfortable cycling. 

TypeOutputVoltageWeightTorque (Max)

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