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Panasonic Polymer Capacitor SP-Caps OS-CON POS-CAP Polymer Hybrid

Panasonic is a leading manufacturer of  Specialty Polymer Aluminum Capacitors SP-Caps, OS-CON and POS-CAP as well as Polymer Hybrid Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor Technologies.

  • Low ESR is realized by using conductive polymer.
  • Ideal for noise reduction in a wide frequency domain by large capacitance and low ESR.
  • The temperature characteristics of conductive polymer are very stable for ESR and capacitance.

S.O.S Short on MLCCs ?



Polymer Capacitors: an alternative to MLCCs & Tantalum capacitors


Line-Up Comparison

Aluminium Polymer

Tantalum PolymerAluminium Polymer
Aluminium Hybrid

Ultra low-ESR Capacitor
Top in the Industry

Small, large Capacity and low-ESR Capacitor

High ripple, high pressure resistance and low-ESR capacitor

Highly-reliable and high withstand voltage low-ESR capacitor

For applications with a ripple noise problem

For applications with issues about downsizing and space-saving

High ripple current (up to 6.1 A)

High quality and high reliability

Low profile and reasonable costs
(Rating of 35V max.)

Large-capacity with less space
(Rating of 35V max.)

Available up to a withstanding Voltage of 100VAvailable up to a withstanding Voltage of 80V


Technology Comparison

Conductivity of the Electrolytes

Product Position

The four technologies can fulfill the requirements to the conductive capacitor market.

Maximum VoltageMaximum CapacitanceMinimum ESRSmallest Size




Size 2012
Rated Voltage vs. CapacitanceESR vs. Capacitance



Anode: AluminiumElectrolyte: Conductive PolymerAnode: TantalumElectrolyte: Conductive Polymer
Anode: AluminiumElectrolyte: Conductive PolymerAnode: AluminiumElectrolyte: Conductive Polymer + Electrolytic


In addition to the electrical characteristics, the best product for the application can be selected according to size, shape and cost.

Examples of main circuits adopting the four conductive products

No. Requirements
1 High withstand voltage
High ripple current

63 V - 100 V
up to 2.95 Arms
  SXV SeriesZA Series
2 High withstand voltage

10 V - 50 V
up to ESR 8 mΩ
  SVPK SeriesZC Series
3 High ripple currentCX SeriesTQC SeriesSVPF Series 
4 Low ESR/Large capacity
(small, low profile)

ESR 3 mΩ/1500 μF(2.5 V)
2012 size
Height of up to 1.0 mm
S Series
L Series
G Series
TPE Series
TPF Series
5High ripple current
85% higher than TP lowest ESR values in class (down to 20mOhms)

Offers nominal capacitance range of 33µF up to 470µF
High temperature guarantee 125℃/4000h
   ZK Series

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