Capacitors: Electric Double Layer Capacitors (Gold Capacitor)

Electric Double Layer Capacitors (Gold Capacitor) design engineers Panasonic
Electric Double Layer Capacitors (Gold Capacitor) EDLC

Panasonic Electric Double Layer Capacitors, known as “Gold Capacitors”, offer the highest volumetric efficiency of all capacitor technologies. They are often compared to secondary batteries.

Unlike batteries, Gold Capacitors do not rely on a chemical reaction to produce electric current. Rather they are storage cells that utilize the absorption/release reaction of ions.

Gold Caps have no limit to the number of charge and discharge cycles they can sustain and do not need a charging circuit. Repeated rapid charge and discharge cycles are acceptable.

Panasonic provides you with industry-leading performance and reliability!


  • Multilayer Coin TypeSuperior charge and discharge performance compared with secondary batteries.
  • Wound TypeSuperior charge and discharge performance compared with secondary batteries.


Panasonic’s Electric Double-Layer Capacitor (EDLC) are called ”Gold Capacitor”, which are also known as Ultracapacitor or Supercapacitor.
Gold Capacitor realize large capacitance by using activated carbon as an electrode.

The capacitance of Gold Capacitora are in the middle of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and Batteries. (It is 1000 or more times of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, but it is 1/10 or less of rechargeable Battery.) Gold Capacitor can be used as auxiliary power.


✔ Features of Gold Capacitor (Comparison with rechargeable

  • Doesn't need  charge control circuit and over-charging of a Gold Capacitor cannot occur.
  • Full discharge possible.
  • Very quick charging & discharging.
  • Long life as there is no limit on the number charging and discharging cycles.
  • RoHS compliant (Gold Capacitor isn’t affected by Recycle restrictions)

✔ Special Merit of Panasonic Gold Capacitor

  • Guaranteeing a wide operating temperature range
    All coin type series are guaranteed the working temperature of -40 degree Celsius and up to +85 degree Celsius.
  • Usage of a high reliability electrolyte in our Gold Capacitors
    Our original design electrolyte is highly anti-alkaline, non-hazardous and has no risk for accidental leakage.
  • With the capacitance upgrade of our 85 degree, long lifetime coin type lineup


Coin TypeWound Type


RTC BackupPower Failure Backup
Storage ApplicationsHigh Load Assist


Capacitor Selection Points
 Demand of ApplicationsSpecification of Capacitor
1Circuit Voltageoperating voltage (2.3 V - 5.5 V)
2Backup Periodcapacitance (0.1 F - 50 F)
3Space Reductionshape and size (wound/coin/terminal)


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