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Film Capacitors SMD Leaded Radial

Panasonic Surface Mount Film Capacitors offer stable capacitance and temperature characteristics, tight tolerances, low ESR, low dissipation factors, no shock noise, no piezoelectric effect and no audible noise.
Surface Mount Film Capacitor applications include DC blocking and filtering, PLL, audio, DC/DC converter and back lighting.

Also Leaded Film Capacitor offers a wide variety from Metallized Polyester, Metallized Polypropylene, PPS Film, AC Capacitors to X Caps.
Panasonic Leaded Film Capacitors can be used as X Caps in AC/DC Circuits and are recommended for all general electronic applications.


  • AC Motor UseProducts lineup applied to various uses (low-voltage to high-voltage range, dry type / oil filed type etc.)
  • Automotive, Industrial and Infrastructure UseFilm capacitors for high voltage and high current applications. Used as smoothers, filters and snubbers in HEV/EV and industrial inverters.
  • Electronic Equipment UseWide range lineup (Surface mount type/Radial lead type, general purpose usage).

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