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Panasonic Primary (non-rechargeable) Battery Image

These days primary battery technologies are becoming more and more important. Especially Lithium batteries which provide high voltage, low self-discharge and a proven reliability powering many sophisticated applications. In particular the chemistries BR and CR battery technologies are leading the industries. Panasonic offers a huge number of Lithium coin (rechargeable and non-rechargeable) and cylindrical batteries.

Besides Lithium batteries Panasonic Zinc Carbon and Alkaline batteries are a perfect standard solution for applications which do not require high voltages but still demand extraordinary performance. Panasonic Alkaline batteries are made from the same basic materials as Zinc-Carbon batteries, but deliver generally higher performance on all criteria. These batteries can therefore power high-performance standard applications. Both battery groups are made in Europe and fulfill the highest quality standards.


  • Lithium BatteriesDue to their high voltage, low self-discharge and proven reliability our Lithium batteries can power a broad range of ambitious applications.
  • Dry BatteriesPanasonic Dry batteries deliver generally higher performance on all criteria for standard applications.

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