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Automotive Battery design engineers Panasonic

The Automotive Battery Business Division is developing, manufacturing and selling battery cells as well as customized modules and high voltage battery systems for use in Hybrid-Electric, Plug In-Hybrid-Electric and Pure-Electric vehicles. The team is in close contact with all leading car manufacturing companies in Europe, in order to develop efficient and environmental friendly applications  for a clean, sustainable future. Drawing on several decades of battery expertise,  the Automotive Battery business division is specializing in battery cells, based on both NiMH and Li-Ion technology.


The European Automotive Battery Business Division was first set up in 2006, partnering up with Volkswagen group in developing innovative drive trains on basis of our battery systems. Thus established on the market, SANYO soon became a leading manufacturer of high voltage battery systems for Hybrid-Electric, Plug In-Hybrid-Electric and Pure-Electric vehicles applications for the European automotive market. In close communication with our headquarter in Kasai, Japan, our team is always on the front line of research and development. A network of European engineering offices allows moreover for close contact to our customers, guaranteeing the best possible quality in the market.

With SANYO merging into Panasonic in 2012, our battery applications are now part of a comprehensive solution aiming towards a sustainable, healthy and affordable lifestyle.


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