Third round: with Panasonic, the right battery is only an app away

May 11, 2016 Press Release

Hamburg, April 2016 – Users looking for just the right battery for their application now have a very special tool available from Panasonic: the brand-new version 3.0 of the Battery Finder App. It’s a compilation of hundreds of industrial batteries, with a wealth of information, pictures and videos on battery technologies. With this tool, users will always be able to locate exactly the right battery for their application. The smartphone App is also joined by a new version of the online application that is optimized for computers or tablets. To find out more, users can view a video tutorial on the Panasonic website or YouTube.

Cordless drills and UPS systems, smoke detectors and wind turbines – they all depend on high performance batteries to do their job. And with the number of applications needing battery power on the up and up, the range of batteries available on the market is also proliferating. Companies developing a new product increasingly have a hard task to pick out exactly the right power source from the myriad of choices available. Not least because choosing a battery isn’t just about performance: equally important are factors such as safety and durability, size and contacts.

Panasonic is the world’s largest producer of industrial batteries. So it’s a matter of professional pride for the company to offer customers a smartphone App help them find exactly the right battery. Panasonic has now released the completely revised and redesigned App version 3.0 – together with an online application optimized for computers or tablets. Thanks to the new parameter search function, it’s easier than ever to locate the right battery. Users can make their own notes, attach them to favorite batteries and send the details to a mail address of their choice. In the online version, it’s now possible to compare up to three batteries. Many of the service functions have been tweaked for added convenience, and the interface is more intuitive than ever. 

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