Productivity improvement using Panasonic PLAT, the new analysis tool

December 22, 2014

Smooth and non-interrupted production and high productivity – that is what every production- and maintenance manager is requested to deliver.
However, reality sometimes is different. Production equipment is stopping for various reasons. Bad feeder performance, components out of specification, parts exhausts and others resulting in loss of material, time and quality because of frequent machine stops.

To support customer to minimize such factors Panasonic has developed a tool to analyze machine data to find out any critical point in order to resolve issues of various kinds to improve production quality and productivity. 
Customers machines production data generated by machines production information system need to be send to Panasonic. Panasonic is analyzing the production information using the new tool PLAT and is feeding back the results to customer. Included in the feedback are also proposals for necessary activities to return back to a stable production . 
That can be just some hints on how to change set up parameters of the machines but also the proposal to receive a technician from Panasonic for further investigation at customer site and necessary activity at the machines. Aim is to reduce waiting time and avoiding cost for engineers traveling to customer, reducing production loss cost.

Right hand graph is showing a sample of real datas based on machines production data system and analyzed by Panasonics PLAT. The result is clearly showing the issues on two machines collected over a period of 6 days. Based on that data Panasonic can propose customer appropriate countermeasures to resolve that issues.

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