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April 02, 2015 Newsletter

Panasonic wishes Happy Easter!

'It is the Eastertime every year for the Easter Bunny a quite weary period’  (Wilhelm Busch)

You should not feel too much pity for the Easter Bunny, because during the rest of the year he has a quite placid life. However you have deserved a rest during the Eastertime – and maybe the odd one or two  chocolate eggs. Panasonic wishes you and your family Happy Easter! We are looking forward to find at the beginning of spring new opportunities for deepening our cooperation!

Your Panasonic Robot & Welding Systems European Team

Stefan Klein - Director

Look forward to numerous exhibitions in the field of automatic welding with Panasonic the ‘All from One Manufacturer’ Supplier

Panasonic will be part of numerous exhibitions in Europe this year in order to introduce you new products, innovative technologies and optimal adapted solutions for your welding requirements. Note the relevant dates of our fairs and look forward for exciting developments of our company which we will present to you at our exhibition stands. Till Summer Panasonic and our partners will participate at the following exhibitions.

In June 2015 Panasonic Robot & Welding Systems Europe will present the new product and new technology – LAPRISS on the exhibition Laser World of Photonics in Munich. The focus topics in the manufacturing sector are diverse: They cover everything from laser systems for micro- and macro-material processing to robotics, system periphery, measuring as well as testing systems. A MUST for Panasonic as our welding expert will be present with the LAPRISS Robotsystem for welding at this exhibition from the 22nd of June till the 26th of June.

We are not only present on national fairs: Look forward for exhibitions in cooperation with our partners on the European and International parquet. To find out more about the fairs please refer to the exhibition sheet.

Robot & Welding Exhibition Overview

Panasonic introduces the new HS 220 Handlingrobot

Best results in speed, precision and payload thanks to highly efficient motors and easy handling through Panasonic G3 control.

Higher payloads despite lower robot weight, higher transfer speed levels with simultaneously energy reduction. These are requirements which appear as reoccurring targets and developments in the field of product cost minimization within the manufacturing process. Panasonic recognized that trend and has responded by offering  the new HS-220 Handling robot as a “requirements adjusted solution”. With this model the  optimal handling of workloads or processes  can be achieved . By utilizing the high productivity and a wide work range it is possible to move heavy and/or big devices according to your individual demand.

The advantages of the already existing models of the HS-Series will be merged in the new robot. The HS-220 with over 2.66 m reach replaces the existing HS-200 model, providing  enormous advantages in payload with over 220 kg payload capacity , additionally higher speed level of the axes movement is achieved by the reduction of the manipulator dead weight.

Get convinced of the excellent benefits of the new industrial robot available from June 2015. You would like to have further information? Please contact us!


Panasonic and neusser formblech GmbH: An excellent cooperation!

With the requirements to increase the quality of the welding process along with a desire to reduce the cycle times, the company neusser formblech from Neuss, near Düsseldorf approached Panasonic Robot & Welding Team in order to fulfill these expectations. The primary application is for the welding of metal cassettes used especially in the fields of plant manufacturing and cement industry, neusser formblech has searched for a solution where their existing manufacturing capabilities could be stretched and fully optimized, allowing the whole welding process to run fully automatically.

Text Box: A successful cooperation: General Manager Dr. Joachim Sahm, Factory Manager Helmut Tröster and Director 
Stefan Klein Panasonic Robot & Welding.
Beschreibung: O:\PFSE-RA\Internal\12_Personal files\Ulla\Anwenderbericht Feinblech\Brauchbare Bilder\IMG_6567.JPGThe Panasonic solution allows a low cycle time when compared to manual welding with significantly improved weld quality of the finished fabricated products. After consideration neusser formblech decided to invest in a PerformArc Cell Type H-Frame with the TAWERS TA-1800WG3 Welding robot with two PanaDice positioners.

Text Box: Defined weld joints and cycle time reduction: 
High productivity improvements!
Beschreibung: O:\PFSE-RA\Internal\12_Personal files\Ulla\Anwenderbericht Feinblech\Brauchbare Bilder\IMG_6611.JPG

A successful cooperation:
General Manager Dr. Joachim Sahm, Factory Manager Helmut Tröster
and Director Stefan Klein Panasonic Robot & Welding.

Advantages of the TAWERS Systems are the integrated Inverter Pulse welding power source, additionally as standard the system includes weld navigation software and the new G3-Controller with Ethernet connection possibility. The integration of this robot automated system implicates as a very important productivity improvement: Not only during the welding process but also in the general product handling procedure. neusser formblech are benefiting from a high reduction in cycle times across a variety of products. Typically for each process a welding time of 35 – 40 minutes is saved.





Defined weld joints and cycle time reduction:
High productivity improvements!

Therefore the total processing time has been reduced significantly. Neusser formblech is convinced of this robot based solution and are already planning to integrate more products into the welding cell manufacturing system. ‘With the system solution of Panasonic we were able to reduce cycle times enormously and therefore save productions costs. For us this is an investment benefit for the long run!’, sums up Mr. Tröster, factory manager of neusser formblech. For further details please refer to the user report and the video.

To the neusser formblech User Report  

Contact details: 

neusser formblech GmbH                                        
Blindeisenweg 13                                                                 
41468 Neuss                                                                      
Telefon: +49 (0) 2131 / 36 64 – 0                   
Fax: +49 (0) 2131 / 36 64 – 205      



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