Manufacturing Execution System Deployment - PanaCIM® Express

December 03, 2014

Panasonic has launched a self-contained distribution system for the PanaCIM manufacturing execution system (MES) software: PanaCIM® Express


Completely pre-configured and ready to go so it's easy to set up the system in any factory-especially in smaller installations that require digital data collection, yet do not have a dedicated IT staff.

When production expands, it's painless to integrate more boxes, redeploy them elsewhere in the factory, or to take a line-level approach that allows continuous production in one area while upgrading in another. Layout options are very flexible and recovery is simple, too.

Building off the inherent modularity and scalability of PanaCIM Enterprise Edition makes this MES deployment solution relevant and cost-effective for any factory. Install the modules you need now; add on any time you need to down the road.

Your sales contact will be happy to assist answering your question on MES.


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