LED UV curing system: Now more powerful and with 405nm heads

July 21, 2015 Product Notices
Panasonic LED UV curing system

The Panasonic LED UV curing system UJ30/35 is designed for hardening UV-reactive adhesives, sealing compounds, and ink curing. The UJ30/35 is very compact, has lower energy consumption than lamp systems and advanced features compared to other LED UV systems. Moreover, LED technology reduces the thermal impact on components and temperature feedback control assures stable intensity without any fan cooling.

The controller can be equipped with up to four individually controlled LED heads. Besides the UV-LED heads with a wavelength of 365nm and 385nm, Panasonic now offers also heads with 405nm. All heads can be equipped with lenses to adjust the power concentration on the desired area.

With a head size of only 50mm length and a diameter of 12mm, these new 405nm heads work with an irradiation intensity of up to 20900mW/cm².

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