The HE power relay family gets even stronger – now with 90A rating

October 01, 2015 New Product Introductions

The new HE Y6 relay has been added to the HE family, which so far has comprised relays with a switching capacity of up to 60A.

The new power relays has a considerably higher switching capacity of 90A/277V AC while maintaining a small size of only 38x33x38.8mm (LxWxH).

In its PCB version, the HE Y6 relay is able to solve applications that could only be solved with different methods before.

The HE Y6 will show its strength when put to the test in solar inverters, charging stations, and battery storage systems as well as applications that require coping with currents up to 90A (AC).

So which design innovation makes this possible?

Thanks to a contact resistance of lower than 2mOhm as well as wider terminal blades for better heat dissipation, the relays are able to cope with currents up to 90A at an ambient temperature of 85°C.

A low holding power of only 300mW and a high switching capacity of up to 25kW prove again the technical excellence of Panasonic’s solutions regarding the energy efficiency of single side stable switching devices.

In addition, the HE 90A has a contact gap of at least 3mm which ensures reliable galvanic isolation as required by norms and standards.

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