Elektra Awards 2018: Panasonic selected as finalist

November 02, 2018 Press Release

PAN1760A Bluetooth module nominated in the category of Internet-of-Things Product Innovation Award

Munich, October 2018: Panasonic Industry is proud to announce that its PAN1760A Bluetooth module has been shortlisted for the Elektra Awards 2018 in the category of Internet-of-Things Product Innovation.

The PAN1760A module enables advanced wireless connectivity and is the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy Module. It enables advanced wireless functionalities in IoT, medical and industrial applications without compromising battery life, as it has a peak power consumption of just 3.3mA in transmit and receive mode, as well as supporting mandatory and optional Bluetooth 4.2 features. The PAN1760A module is a small SMD device with a compact footprint of just 15.6mm x 8.7mm x 1.9mm, based on Toshiba's single chip TC35678 Bluetooth semiconductor device with embedded Toshiba Bluetooth 4.2 LE stack and embedded flash for user applications in stand-alone operation. The PAN1760A product can either be operated in AT-Command or Host mode for very simple integration of Bluetooth connectivity into existing products, or in Stand-Alone mode. In Stand-Alone mode, with 256 kB flash memory and 83 kB RAM for user application. The PAN1760A can be used for many applications without the need for an external processor, saving cost, complexity, and space.

Pascal Meier, Product Manager at Panasonic comments: “We are delighted that our product has been nominated for this prestigious award and we are looking forward to the ceremony. We always strive to develop industry-leading innovations and components and this nomination is a recognition of all the hard work our design engineers have put in to develop the PAN1760A module. For the ceremony, we also want to wish all other finalists the best of luck”.

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