Board-to-FPC connectors – A35US series with power terminals

May 01, 2016 Product Notices
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Mobile devices contain more and more components and applications, which leads to a higher power consumption, e.g. for wireless connections or bright displays with a good contrast. Modern mobile devices are expected to have both a long operating time and a short charging time so that users have them at their disposal as often and as long as possible. As mobile devices keep getting smaller while the battery size remains more or less the same, other components have to become smaller to make room for batteries.

As a consequence, connections between the individual components should be small, but still able of carrying high electric currents.
In the past, narrow pitch connectors used to have signal pins and additional pins for carrying the current. Additional pins meant the connectors were longer, which in turn required more space on the circuit board. Panasonic has found a way to solve this problem. As a global leader in the narrow pitch connector market, Panasonic has improved the A35US series by equipping the connector with power terminals with a high current load capacity of 3A. This makes our connector ideal for supplying power to components in mobile devices such as wearables and embedded solutions. 

The A35US series with power terminals has a mated height of as little as 0.6mm and a width of only 2.2mm, thus requiring very little space on the circuit board. Compared with the standard A35US series, 3.15mm of space can be saved lengthwise. The available connectors from the series come with 10 to 60 pins for signal transmission and are equipped with Panasonic's proprietary Tough Contact structure.

Thanks to the guiding shape the socket and header are easy to mate. The safe connection of the two connector halves is indicated by both tactile and audible feedback to the user. A high holding force of 8N guarantees a reliable connection. The small size and the low profile notwithstanding, the removal force is high thanks to a special Panasonic multi-contact mechanism. 

The A35US series with power terminals offers the best of both worlds: a high current-carrying capacity with a smaller footprint on the circuit board while maintaining a reliable signal transmission between the individual components.

The most important features at a glance:
•    Rating 3A
•    High removal force of more than 8N
•    Low profile
•    Robust design
•    Compliant with RoHS / REACH


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