Simply Welding – Simply EuroBLECH 2016“ – Panasonic Robot & Welding exhibited

Dec 8, 2016 Event
Dec 8, 2016

Please note that Welding 4.0 with Panasonic Robot  & Welding: Panasonic presented on the EuroBLECH 2016 welding applications as well as the related scope of applications and demonstrated successfully how easy and efficient connection to the future of welding application can be. “The importance of the EuroBLECH exhibition was again visible through the high numbers of conversations we had on the booth. Our visitors have informed themselves highly about Panasonic products as the first choice of upcoming company related issues in regards to futures welding applications” summarizes Mr. Stefan Klein, Director of Panasonic Robot & Welding Europe.
Once again the EuroBLECH exhibition proved that it is an excellent platform to introduce new welding technologies to new and existing customers. A “Hot Spot” on the Panasonic booth was the lasersolution LAPRISS which uses the Panasonic robot servo control technology for controlling the laser trepanning head to generate several welding pattern and beam functions.
Of particular interest for the visitors was the TAWERS TIG robot system: With the help of a high-frequency ignition it is possible to start the welding process without contact to the application. This significantly extends the lifetime of the electrode!
Product portfolios were sent. Brochures handed out. First appointments were made! Due to the very positive response of the visitors Panasonic résumés that the message "Simply Welding" has arrived at the customer. We look forward to simply weld for you soon!


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