Grid-Eye Evaluation Kit

Grid-EYE sensor Evaluation Kit enables fast prototyping of IoT and many other applications

Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems has launched this evaluation kit for its Grid-Eye infrared array sensor, which integrates a ”nanopower” Bluetooth Smart module and a microcontroller. The kit is intended for prototyping the Grid-EYE sensor which is a 64 pixel IR camera in a surface mount package measuring 11.6mm x 8mm x 4.3mm, which integrates the MEMS sensor, lens and I2C interface.

The integrated Bluetooth module in the evaluation kit, the PAN1740, draws 4.9mA in transmit or receive operating modes, which means it can be powered by coin cell batteries. The IR sensor has 64 thermopile elements in an 8×8 grid format that detect absolute surface temperature without any contact.


NEW People detection Demo software


The evaluation kit for Grid-EYE sensor offers the following characteristics:

  • Fast evaluation
    With the already existing software for PC, our customers can evaluate the sensor immediately.
  • Fast Prototyping
    User can easily do rapid prototyping using the Python, Labview source codes and the examples provided.
  • Easy to develop own applications
    With the already existing APIs provided to our customer the following can be achieved:

-    API Level 1: Basic sensor features
-    API Level 2: Image processing and object detection
-    API Level 3: Human detection and tracking



Some of the distinguishing product features are as following:

  •     Grid-EYE sensor AMG8832
  •     Bluetooth Smart Module PAN1740
  •     Atmel ATSAM-D21G18A Microcontroller
  •     Dual purpose evaluation board with independent and Arduino modes
  •     Display the data to a PC or smartphone
  •     LabView Compatible



The sensor itself can be used in a wide range of applications and this evaluation kit allows our customers to proto-type and test it in their own designs. ​

  • Motion Detection
  • Presence Detection
  • Temperature Detection
  • Hot Spot Detection
  • Safety and Lighting Control
  • Building Control and Energy Saving
  • People tracking/ counting
  • Consumer Comfort
  • Gesture Control


Technical Information for Download

The following supporting documents which include all the details for setting up, using and developing applications on the evaluation kit are available for download here:

Evaluation Kit Presentation

Quick Start Guide

User Manual

Schematics Evaluation Kit


Grid-EYE Application Notes

Communication Protocol 

Windows 8/10 USB Driver Installation (Disable Driver Signature Verification)

SAM-BA Application Notes

Bluetooth iOS App for GridEYE Evaluation Kit (NEW)


Software & Source Code for Download

Along with the evaluation kit, Panasonic is also providing the customers with a free PC software. This can be downloaded from the link below. The kit is a “plug & play” device when used with this software on PC. Links below also include all source codes for Python and LabView that can be further used by our customers to develop their own application. Moreover, you can also find below the three level APIs of Grid-EYE developed by Panasonic and available free of charge for our customers. Please feel free to use these codes and APIs provided by Panasonic in your development and prototyping. People Detection Demo Software

People detection Demo software (New)

USB Driver

Grid-EYE Sample Code (Python)

Arduino Code (Compatible with Evaluation Kit)

Labview Sample Code

SAM BA 2.15 (Note: SAM BA 2.16 is currently not compatible with Evaluation Kit)

Labview Software Source Code (New)

Grid-EYE Evaluation kit Version 3.0 Firmware(Bluetooth + Microprocessor) Update (New)

GridEye Evaluation Kit Software.msi


Note: Customers who want to have access to the source code of the Bluetooth Module Firmware of the Evaluation Kit need to sign an SLA with Dialog. Please send an email to: for further details.

*BSD License applies to all the sample codes and APIs that customers will download.

Useful Links

The following links can be useful for the customers in developing their own applications.

To DSPS Application for iOS
To DSPS Application for Android
To Grid-EYE Home Page
To Bluetooth Smart Module Homepage
To Dialog Homepage
To Atmel MCU Datasheet

To Atmel SAM-BA In-system Programmer

Interested in buying the Evaluation Kit?

You can easily purchase the Grid-Eye Evaluation Kit from one of our Distribution Partners:

  • Farnell
  • Arrow
  • Avnet
  • Rutronik
  • TTI
  • Endrich
  • Anglia
  • Martinsson
  • AS electronic

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Grid-EYE - Videos

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