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Panasonic Corporation aims to become "the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry" which is the Panasonic group's business vision. We make the environment central to all of our business activities and bring forth both environmental contribution and business growth. We also consider biodiversity and contribute to create the sound environment, economy, and society as well as the sustainable development of society.


Action Policy

  1. In a wide variety of our device product groups through electronic materials, electronic components to semiconductors, we enforce development of products with less environmental impacts and contribute to global environmental protection, providing those products.
  2. We minimize CO2 emissions in all business activities through global development of energy conservation activities.
  3. We establish the recycling-oriented manufacturing by minimizing our input of resources and maximizing recycled resources.
  4. We tackle reduction of wastes generation and hazardous substances use and prevent environmental pollutions in the air, water, soil, and groundwater. Through above, we aim to protect global environment with our continuous improvements.
  5. We facilitate communication with stakeholders, customers and local societies, react appropriately to their demands and requirements to reduce environmental risks, and reinforce the CSR.
  6. We comply with laws and other requirements adapted to our business activities.
  7. We foster environmentally-minded human resources, establish environmental management systems, and implement environmental sustainability management globally.

Our Environmental Policy is open to the public and also disseminated to all employees and parties concerned. This is developed to specific objectives and targets for global implementation It also promotes environmental management in all business departments.

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