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Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe GmbH

The formation of PAISEU brings together the formerly separate legal entities of Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe, Sanyo Components Europe, Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Europe, and - as a subsidiary and still separate legal entity - Panasonic Electric Works (PEW) Europe.

PAISEU - including its subsidiary PEW - will create a business with more than1250 employees in Germany and several thousands in Europe. It follows the global Panasonic announcement in April 2013 of the creation of a global four-company structure operating under four distinct organizations: Automotive & Industrial Systems, Eco Solutions, Appliances and AVC Networks. 

Through its Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, Panasonic is driving industrial innovation, synergies and automation with its extensive range of business partners. This includes striving to create a safer, more innovative and environmentally-friendly automotive industry. From entertainment systems to green energy solutions Panasonic’s advanced technology and expertise expands the possibilities of future car development.

The Automotive & Industrial Systems Company integrates manufacturing, sales and development of electronic components, electronic materials, semiconductors and storage devices. Central to this is to engage with major global industrial markets that demand specialised technologies in order to enhance their production processes. Additionally, the Company also provides manufacturing machines and factory solutions to build comprehensive production lines.


Main products and solutions

Automotive products and solutions available in Europe include:

Automotive safety and security solutions
Break-in Detection Systems; Night View Systems; Keyless Entry Systems and Rear View Cameras.

Infotainment solutions
Car Navigation Systems; Audio System; ETC (Electric Toll Collection) In-vehicle Units; AV & Rear Seat Entertainment Systems; and Speaker Systems.

Energy solutions
Ni-MH Hydride Batteries and Electric Double Layer Capacitors.

Industrial devices
Passive and electromechanical components; switches and optics components; printed wiring boards; communication units; sensors; i/o devices; power supplies; materials; semiconductors; storage, supplies, batteries and energy products; motors, fans and compressors.

Manufacturing solutions
Welding and cutting machines; welding related products; industrial robots; laser processing; soldering machines; electronic component mounting-related systems; device-related systems; display-related systems; and measurement systems.


Panasonic Electric Works in Europe

Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG is the Headquarters for the sales companies in a large number of European countries. With the cooperation of these and various other partner companies, we can offer a full-coverage service throughout Europe.

Our sales companies are organised on a local basis so that they reflect national characteristics and take account of the economic conditions specific to each country.
Within a framework where tasks are shared with the Panasonic Electric Works companies, Panasonic E.W. Europe AG is responsible for planning, development, technical service, central marketing, material management, controlling, IT and worldwide co-ordination. A central European warehouse and production facilities in Pfaffenhofen (D), Plana (CZ) and Enns (A) also fall under Panasonic Elecric Works Europe AG's administrative umbrella.

The Panasonic Electric Works European group has offices located in: Austria, the Benelux countries, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain.

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