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Panasonic Industry Europe

Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH is part of the global Panasonic Group and provides industrial products and services in Europe. As a partner for the industry sector, Panasonic researches, develops, manufactures and supplies technologies that contribute to a better life and a better world. Looking back on over 100 years of engineering knowhow in electronics, Panasonic is the right supplier when it comes to engineering expertise combined with solution competence. Strong localized customer management and value added services put customers first in Europe.  

Panasonic is driving industrial innovation, synergies and automation with its extensive range of business partners. The portfolio includes electronic and electro-mechanical devices, rechargeable batteries, displays, semiconductors and factory automation solutions for a broad range of industries such as automotive and mobility, building and infrastructure, home and personal, production and logistics, medical and healthcare.

Panasonic Industry Europe is part of the global company Panasonic Industrial Solutions.                                                                                                        

Panasonic Electric Works in Europe

Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG is the Headquarter for the sales companies in a large number of European countries. With the cooperation of these and various other partner companies, we can offer a full-coverage service throughout Europe.

Our sales companies are organised on a local basis so that they reflect national characteristics and take account of the economic conditions specific to each country.
Within a framework where tasks are shared with the Panasonic Electric Works companies, Panasonic E.W. Europe AG is responsible for planning, development, technical service, central marketing, material management, controlling, IT and worldwide co-ordination. A central European warehouse and production facilities in Pfaffenhofen (Germany), Plana (Cech) and Enns (Austria) also fall under Panasonic Elecric Works Europe AG's administrative umbrella.

The Panasonic Electric Works European group has offices located in: Austria, the Benelux countries, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain.                                                                                                                                 

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