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UPDATE: Smartphone technology and applications driving Near Field Communications (NFC)

Near Field Communication (NFC) refers to emerging shortrange wireless communication technology that typically operates within 10cm between loosely coupled inductive circuits and offers great and multiple promises in services such as consumer electronics, ticketing, voting, and many others. 


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NEW - Tough Contact Connectors

GAN  The main drivers behind the relevance of connectors are the entrenched design goals of miniaturization and functionality.
  Find out more how Panasonic Industry’s unique connector portfolio can enhance your design! 



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Grid-EYE state of the art Thermal Imaging Solution 

Infrared thermal sensing and imaging instruments make it possible to measure and map surface temperature
and thermal disribution passively and no intrusively. Find out more about the smallest size solution for infrared detection in our Whitepaper.


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Understanding Polymer and Hybrid Capacitors

Advanced capacitors based on conductive polymers maximize performance and reliability. The universe of capacitors has expanded greatly over the past few years, in large part because of advanced capacitor designs based on conductive polymers. 

Learn more about the performance advantages of these polymer capacitors and a related type of hybrid capacitor in this white paper.

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  • The four main varieties of Polymer Capacitors
  • How a dramatically lower ESR improves frequency characteristics
  • The benefits of Polymer and Hybrid Capacitors over Tantalum-MnO2 and MLCC technologies.
  • Performance advantages associated with Hybrid Capacitors and much more!

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Moving forward with Bluetooth Low Energy

Even as it stands today, BLE technology already provides an exceptional solution for devices that require low-power wireless connectivity.  But BLE is about to become even more power efficient, and the enhancements contained in Bluetooth 4.1 will make it easier to design the next generation of wireless devices and the smart objects that will make up the Internet of Things.


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Solving thermal management challenges in a minimum space

Heat is a killer for electronic systems. As applications get thinner and lighter, this statement has never been more true, yet space and weight restrictions – especially in portable mobile devices – mean that conventional solutions may not be feasible.  But it’s not just consumer products such as smartphones, tablets and cameras that are at risk. Electronic equipment needs an efficient means of managing and dispersing heat as systems continue to shrink in size. 

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Improving Tactile Switch Actuation and Lifecycle
Advanced manufacturing methods have created new switchdesigns that set themselves apart from the pack.

  Many of us press tactile switches dozens of times every day and never think twice about them—as long as they work. Yet an 
   unresponsive switch or one with the wrong force characteristics will get plenty of attention. And none of that attention will be positive.


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Evolving Capacitor Technology with outstanding ESR

Electrolytic Capaitors provide a high ripple current capability together with a high reliability and excellent price/perfomance ratio



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Modules for for a Wireless World

PAnasonic Wireless products Wireless connectivity solutions encompassing a wide range of technologies, helping design engineers launch products quickly, ahead of the game



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Polymer Capacitors vs. MLCCs

Polymer vs. MLCC    Polymer Capacitors – an optimal replacement for MLCCs
    Polymer capacitors offer higher  capacitance values than MLCC


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GaN Power Transistors

GAN  New contender for the power transistor throne: How GaN is threatening the Mosfet’s crown



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