Lighting Control Solutions

As energy efficiency standards increase and countries strive to produce more green energy, lighting companies across the world are implementing more and more controls into lighting systems. Controls range from occupancy detection to temperature sensing with the goal to reduce energy consumption across multiple platforms. Technologies used in leading controls include passive and active infrared sensors, light sensors, temperature sensors, etc. Lighting Controls will drastically strengthen their position in the market going forward in areas such as the commercial, residential, and hospitals building systems.


Panasonic Solutions for Lighting Controls

Panasonic offers a solution-based approach by providing a wide variety of electronic components that are perfect lighting controls applications including Capacitors, Bluetooth® modules, Resistors, Sensors and Switches. Explore the image below to learn more about various lighting control applications for Panasonic components.

Occupancy Sensors

This device detects the presence of a person (or living thing) in a space. The sensor can be used for people detection and energy savings. Many control systems use this device to turn lighting systems on/off based on the whether the room is occupied by a person or persons. Technologies used include a Passive/Active Infrared Sensors or Thermopile Array Sensors (Grid Eye). 

Daylight Sensors

Detects available light and sends a signal to the control system. This device is used in lighting control systems for the purpose of dimming lights based on a room’s exposure to sunlight. Technologies include NaPiCa Light Sensor.

Daylight Sensor

Touchpad/Keypad System

A Human Interface System that can be used to control the lighting system by a user. Functions could include turning lights ON/OFF, dimming light systems, setting up timed lighting schedules, and more. Technologies include Light Touch (Tactile) Switches, Snap-Action Switches, Encoders, Potentiometers, and Transparent Touch Panels. 


Wireless Network Bridge Controller

A device that manages wireless communications and signals to control the light system components such as the Switches, Sensors, Drivers, Emitters, etc. Technologies include Bluetooth or Wi-Fi modules.

Wireless Access Controller

Dimming Control Board

Electrically controls the dimming and ON/OFF functions of the lighting system. Technologies include Relays, Occupancy Sensors, Current-Sense Resistors, and Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.

Lighting Dimmer

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