Introducing Smart Flash — A NEW Service by Panasonic

Introducing Smart Flash — A NEW Service by Panasonic design engineers Panasonic

Have your code custom flashed in-factory to select Panasonic Bluetooth Smart Modules!

Let Panasonic shorten your Bluetooth Smart implementation time! Panasonic's Smart Flash programming service cuts out the programming step in your manufacturing process, giving you a leaner production process.  With modest minimum order quantities*, this service is available as a FREE add-on for Panasonic customers.

Enquire today by filling out the form and start saving time and money with Panasonic Bluetooth Smart Modules and Smart Flash!

The following modules are eligible for our FREE Smart Flash Add-On Service:

  • PAN172x Series (P/N: ENW89820C1KF, ENW89835C1KF, ENW89820A1KF, ENW89835A1KF)
  • PAN1740 Series (P/N: ENW89846A1KF)
  • PAN1760 Series (P/N: ENW89847A1KF)

*10,000 pcs Minimum to Qualify

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In order to download the selected file, please check and accept our terms and conditions (*pdf file).

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