Connected by Panasonic Industry

Connected by Panasonic Industry

     Connected by Panasonic Industry

Mobile App to demonstrate showcases together with the Wireless Modules
and provide easy accessible information.


Apple Application - Connected by Panasonic Industry

Google Application - Connected by Panasonic Industry


The Connected by Panasonic Industry App is desigend to work with and inform about Panasonic's Wireless Connectivity Modules.

A first overview about the newest Modules is given in the categories Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 802.15.4. For each Module a detailed feature list is displayed.
This gives an outline of the properties. In the easy accessible download section the current documentations are stored including Product Flyer, Product
Specification or Module Integration Guide.

Use this app to connect your Smartphone or Tablet with Panasonic Industry Evaluation Boards and gain access to following functionalities with dedicated modules:

1. PAN1762

  • Doorbell Demo: Let a Buzzer ring and change the sound via your Smartphone
  • Cut-the-cable (together with Webdesktop-Application): Communicate between your Smartphone and your Laptop via Bluetooth
  • Send image (together with Webdesktop-Application)

2. PAN4620

  • Mesh Demo: Control several evaluation boards via Smartphone / Tablet 

3. PAN9420 & PAN9026

  • iFrame Demo: Display a Webviewer
    A detailed description to prepare the module hardware for these demos, as well as the configuration of the desktop app, can be found in the respective documentation section of the Wireless Module.

Download the Webdesktop App here

Download the Application Note here


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