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IoT Solution Module

Creating IoT Solution Modules that clearly contribute to cutting down time to market in development processes in these ratherfast paced times of innovation and automatization has been the clear priority for Panasonic Industry – and the joint efforts with ARROW and STMicroelectronics to deliver a low-power wireless multi-sensor edge-intelligence solution for smart factory, smart home and smart life applications.

Being based on and inspired by the ST BlueTile (STEVAL-BCN002V1B) multi-sensor development kit, customers are able to test and evaluate their ideas easily and bring new IoT products appropriately fast and at a reduced BOM to the markets.

The IoT Solution Module features ST’s latest BlueNRG Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 system-on-chip paired with numerous inertial, environmental, and audio sensors. This renders the module as suitable as versatile for a vast number of voice command (PAN3011), environmental and agricultural (PAN3012) or smart factory and industrial robotics (PAN3013) purposes.

While guaranteeing the highest quality and all required certifications, the collaboratively launched Panasonic Industry IoT solution module family will contemporarily serve the customer’s needs in efficiently bringing new ideas to life.

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Panasonic PAN3011




Designed for Voice Command applications, the PAN3011 features besides ST’s latest BlueNRG-2 SoC a digital microphone, an accelerometer and gyroscope as well as a magnetometer. The combination of sensors in an efficient low-power design with Bluetooth communications enables customers to dramatically slash time-to-market and reduce design expense and complexity using certified modules. The module is not only a good choice for voice command but also when it comes to smart building and home applications or animal activity tracking.

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Panasonic PAN1780 Bluetooth Low Energy




With the digital microphone, the pressure as well as the humidity & temperature sensor, the PAN3012 is dedicated for Environmental applications. Together with an efficient low-power Bluetooth connectivity, the PAN3012 is perfect for wherever the environmental condition need to be monitored and controlled – e.g. in smart and vertical agriculture (soil control for intelligent farming) or supply chain and cold chain management.

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Panasonic PAN1780 Bluetooth Low Energy




Being based on and inspired by the ST BlueTile multi-sensor development kit, the PAN3013 includes next to a Bluetooth 5 SoC a Time-of-Flight sensor, a magnetometer and an accelerometer and gyroscope. With its selection of sensors, the PAN3013 is a perfect fit for applications in the field of smart industry respective robotics, obstacle detection, gesture recognition or surveillance.

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