Evaluation Kits: PAN4561x Series Evaluation Kit

PAN4561x Series Evaluation Kit design engineers Panasonic

PAN4561x Series ETU is compatible with PAN4561x Series Mesh Networking module. RF Module USB Adapter simplifies evaluation of ETUs. 

Based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, Mesh Networking was developed for the purpose of sending small amounts of data short distances, using very little power. The key feature of this technology is the ability to create a self-healing mesh network where nodes “talk” to each other in a way that gets a message to a desired end point using the best path. When not in use, nodes will “sleep” using extremely little power.
The ecosystem of IEEE 802.15.4 comprises different standards like ZigBee, KNX, Wireless HART, 6LoWPAN/IPv6 and many more. If a system does not need to be open,  SNAP® (Synapse Network Application Protocol) might be an efficient and easy way to realise a Mesh Network.

The User Guide applies to the RF-Module-USB-Adapter which can be used for following Panasonic Modules: PAN4561ETU, PAN4580ETU. The intension is to enable our customers to easily and fast integrate our modules in their product.

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