Evaluation Kits: PAN172x Series USB Starter Kit

PAN172x Series USB Starter Kit design engineers Panasonic

PAN172x Series USB Starter Kit is compatible with all PAN172x Series Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy) modules. The PAN172x Series is a cost-effective, low-power, true system-on-chip (SoC) product for Bluetooth® Smart applications. Modules in this series combine an excellent RF transceiver with a high performance low power 8051 microcontroller, in-system programmable 256 Kbit flash memory, 8 Kbit RAM, and many other powerful supporting features.

Offering two different firmware options customer may choose the best suitable solution. 

  • Texas Instruments (TI): Bluetooth Low Energy protocall stack offered by Texas Instruments 
  • BlueRadios (BR): nBlue stack by BlueRadios emulates SPP via Bluetooth® Smart. BlueRadios simplifies the implementation of Bluetooth® Smart with its AT command set API. Especially with the BlueRadios App customer can easily use our module in using commands given for the App. This is working fine, if a connection of a device shall be set up together with smartphones, tablets etc.

The PAN172x Series USB Starter Kit consists of two development modules. Panasonic development modules are SMD modules mounted on a carrier board in a USB stick format. Refer to the design guide/application note for details on PAN172x development module. Demo Software and Documentation Package offers you all information and tools to kickstart your development with PAN172xSeries. 

You may have to choose between our two firmware options when purchasing PAN172x Series USB Starter Kit. BlueRadios option supporting nBlue stack by BlueRadios integrates an FTDI chip for UART to USB conversion; Texas Instrument option not. For more information on the BlueRadios stack please visit BlueRadios forum (registration mandatory). 

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