Evaluation Kits: PAN1322 Series USB Starter Kit

Introducing Panasonic’s next generation, smartphone compatible, place and play Bluetooth® module, the PAN1322 Series. The NEW PAN1322 Series delivers a highly integrated, cost engineered solution for Bluetooth® applications using Serial Port Profile (SPP). Modules in this series integrate in an excellent RF transceiver ARM7TDMI, RAM and patchable 32 Kbit EEPROM for device configuration data and application, and many other powerful supporting features. The Serial Port Profile of Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR can easily be programmed with AT command set API.

The PAN1322 Series USB Starter Kit consists of two development modules. Panasonic development modules are SMD modules mounted on a carrier board in a USB stick format. Refer to the design guide/application note for details on PAN1322 development module. Evaluation Kit and Documentation Package offers you all information and tools to kickstart your development with PAN1322 Series. 

Check out the PAN1322 Series here