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Bluetooth low energy functionality

For wireless communication devices that have been optimized for low power consumption rather than maximum data transfer rates, Bluetooth® low energy functionality technology fits the bill perfectly. It consumes as little as one-hundredth the average power required by Classic Bluetooth® technology.

Bluetooth® Smart technology achieves its low power consumption primarily by keeping its radio turned off most of the time. It scans only three advertising channels, and its radio awakens only to send or receive short bursts of data, with small packet sizes from 8 to 27 octets. Bluetooth® Smart technology can transmit authenticated data in as little as 3 ms, versus the 1000 ms typical for Classic Bluetooth® technology. All this relates in a maximum practical data rate well under 100 kbps typically. In Bluetooth® Smart technology each use case is allocated to one Bluetooth® Smart profile. For transmitting temperature the temperature profile and service are used. Profile and services are using the GATT-based architecture.

Bluetooth SIG is working on further improvements as do silicon manufacturer. At second generation Bluetooth® Smart ICs, so called “nanopower” Bluetooth, transmission power consumption will fall by about 66 per cent with no loss of range or performance.

Line Up

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Series/TypeData SheetImagePart NosSoftware/ProfileUsed ICRx Sensitivity / Tx Power [dBm]Size [mm] (Antenna Option)Bluetooth VersionCurrent Consumption
PAN1740ENW89846A1KF, ENW89846AZKF, ENW89846AYKF, ENW89846AWKF, ENW89846AXKF, ENW89846AVKF, ENW89849A1KF, ENW89849AYKF Embedded ProfilesDA14580-93 @ BER 1 % / +09.0 x 9.5 x 1.8 (w/ antenna)v4.2Tx: 4.9 mA / Rx: 4.9 mA / Sleep Mode: <1 µA
PAN172xENW89820A1KF, ENW89820A3KF, ENW89835A1KF, ENW89835A3KF, ENW89820C3KF, ENW89820C1KF, ENW89835C3KF, ENW89835C1KF, ENW89820AZ2F, ENW89820AY2F, ENW89820AZ1F, ENW89820AY1F, ENW89835AZ2F, ENW89835AY2F, ENW89835AZ1F, ENW89835AY1FnBlue by BlueRadios Inc./TI SW stackCC2540/CC2541-94 @ BER 1% / +4/011.6 x 8.7 x 1.8 (w/o antenna) / 15.6 x 8.7 x 1.8 (w/ antenna)v4.0Tx: 23 mA @ -6 dBm / Rx: 18 mA / Sleep Mode: <1 µA
PAN1760ENW89847A1KF, ENW89847AVKF, ENW89847AUKFEmbedded ProfilesTC35667-006-91 @ BER 10-315.6 x 8.7 x 1.8 (w/ antenna)v4.1Tx: 5.4mA / Rx: 5.4mA / Sleep Mode: <1µA
PAN1761ENW89848A1KF, ENW89848AVKFEmbedded ProfilesTC35670-006-90 @ BER 1% / +015.6 x 8.7 x 1.8 (w/ antenna and NFC antenna PIN)4.1 + NFC Forum Tag Type 3Tx: 5.5mA (tbc) / Rx: 5.5mA (tbc) / Sleep Mode: <0,1µA

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  • RF Channel: 40 with 2 MHz spacing, adaptive frequency hopping
  • Topology: Piconet (Point-to-Point)
  • Connection Time: 3 ms
  • Modulation: GSFK
  • Encryption: 128-bit Advanced Encryption System (AES-128)
  • Battery Life: Years
  • Max. Data Rate: 100 kbs (net)
  • Range: 50 m (typ.)


  • Wireless Sensors
  • Sports and Leisure equipment
  • Medical and Health Care equipment
  • Cable Replacement
  • Instrumentation
  • Mobile Phone Accessoires
  • and many more


Brand your product “Bluetooth Smart”

Typically, Bluetooth® Smart branded products are sensor or data collector devices transmitting data to a ‘hub’ device like a smartphone or tablet.

Check out the Bluetooth SIG Go To Market Toolkit for further instructions and additionally to that make use of the Bluetooth Smart Marketer Program to push your product promotion.

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