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Bluetooth Dual Mode

Bluetooth® Dual Mode  technology builds the centre of the Bluetooth ecosystem in combining Classic Bluetooth® technology and Bluetooth® Smart Ready technology in one device. These so called dual-mode modules combine both communication stacks and permit a shared antenna. It can communicate with other devices implementing both technologies as well as devices implementing either technology and therefore can easily be added to ‘hub’ devices, e.g. for industrial, automation, medical and fitness products. Single-mode and dual-mode devices are respectively designated as Bluetooth® Smart and Bluetooth® Smart Ready.

Some profiles and use cases will be supported by only one of the technologies. Therefore, devices implementing both technologies have the ability to support the most use cases.

Line Up

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Series/TypeData SheetImagePart NosSoftware/ProfileUsed ICRx Sensitivity / Tx Power [dBm]Size [mm] (Antenna Option)Bluetooth Version / ClassCurrent Consumption
PAN13x6ENW89823C3KF, ENW89823A3KF, ENW89819AZKFHCICC2564B-93 @ BER10-3 / +109.0 x 6.5 x 1.8 (w/o antenna) / 9.0 x 9.5 x 1.8 (w/ antenna)v2.1 + EDR / class 1.5Tx, EDR: 40 mA / Sleep Mode: 135 µA
PAN1026ENW89837A3KF, ENW89837A8KF, ENW89837AZKF, ENW89837AYKFSPP + GATTTC35661-501-88 @ BER10-3 / +415.6 x 8.7 x 1.8 (w/ antenna)v4.0 / class 2ACL, DH1: 46 mA / Sleep Mode: <100 µA

Related Information


  • The centre of the Bluetooth® ecosystem
  • Classic Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Smart via time shifting
  • Classic Bluetooth® Technology
    • RF Channel: 79 with 1 MHz spacing
    • Topology: Piconet (1 Master, 7 Slaves), larger networks via Scatternets
    • Connection Time: 1,000 ms
    • Modulation: GSFK
    • Encryption: Safer+
    • Battery Life: Months
    • Max. Data Rate: up to 2,100 kbs (net)
    • Range: 1-200 m (typ.)
  • Bluetooth® Dual Mode
    • RF Channel: 40 with 2 MHz spacing, adaptive frequency hopping
    • Topology: Piconet (Point-to-Point)
    • Connection Time: 3 ms
    • Modulation: GSFK
    • Encryption: 128-bit Advanced Encryption System (AES-128)
    • Battery Life: Years
    • Max. Data Rate: 100 kbs (net)
    • Range: 50 m (typ.)


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Sports and Leisure equipment
  • Medical and Health Care equipment
  • Medical Diagnostic Systems
  • Mobile Phone Accessoires
  • Industrial Applications
  • Cable Replacement
  • and many more

Brand your product “Bluetooth Smart Ready”

Typically, Bluetooth® Smart Ready branded products are ‘hub’ devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs receiving data from a Bluetooth® Smart device and turning it into useful information through the use of an application on the device.

Check out the Bluetooth SIG Go To Market Toolkit for further instructions.

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