Sensors for Industrial Applications: PS Pressure Sensors

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High precision pressure sensor (without amp.)

1. Ultra-miniature size: much more compact than the PF pressure sensors offered in the past

  • Base area:7.2(W)×7.2(D) mm .283(W) × .283(D) inch
  • Only 60% in mounting area and 91% in overall height of previous models (PF)

2. High-level precision and linearity
A high degree of precision and linear detector response have been achieved by applying the semiconductor strain gauge system. Highly reproducible based on repeated pressure.

3. Impressive line-up of models

  • Taking their place alongside the standard 5kW bridge resistance models are those with a 3.3kW resistance which is optimally suited to 5V drive circuits.
  • Economy model (no glass base) gives outstanding value for customer appliances 40kPa(0.4kgf/cm2) and 49kPa(0.5kgf/cm2) units are also available.

4. Improved ease of DIP pin insertion into printed circuit boards

  • The ends of the DIP pins are chamfered to ensure easy insertion into printed circuit boards.

Example of pressure characteristics (when the rated pressure is between 98.1 kPa{1.0kgf/cm2})       
Drive current: 1.5 mA rated current; ambient temperature: 25°C 77°F    

Cross-section of Sensor Chip

1. Industrial use: Pressure switches and pneumatic devices, etc.
2. Medical use: Blood pressure measurement, air beds, etc.
3. Other pneumatically operated pressure devices

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