Sensors for Industrial Applications: PS-A Pressure Sensors

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Pressure sensor Built-in amplifier compensation circuit. PS-A P Package new release!

1. Contains built-in amplification and temperature compensation circuit. Circuit design and adjustment
2. High-level precision and high reliability realized.

  • Overall accuracy is ±1.25% FS (Standard type)
  • Overall accuracy is ±4% FS (Economy type)
  • Overall accuracy is ±2.5% FS (Low pressure type)

3. Compact pressure sensor unit that saves space.

Same size and as previous PS pressure sensor.
7.0 mm (W) × 7.2 mm (D) (PS-A)
10.4 mm (W) × 10.4 mm (D) (PS-A • Low pressure type)

Example of pressure characteristics       
Drive voltage: 5V DC rated voltage
Ambient temperature: 25°C 77°F       

(Please evaluate under actual conditions before using.)
1. Industrial use (pressure switches and pneumatic devices, etc.)
2. Medical use (blood pressure monitors, compressed air pressure measurement, air beds, etc.)
3. Other pneumatically operated pressure devices.

Low pressure type
1. Water level detection for household appliances (Washing machines and dishwashers.)
2. Air pressure control (Clean rooms and separate rooms for smokers.)
3. Medical applications (Respiratory pressure measuring instrument, etc.)

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