Sensors for Industrial Applications: PF Pressure Sensors

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High precision pressure sensor (without amp.)


1. A wide range of rated pressure, including a minute pressure
There are 10 types of sensors covering a wide range of rated pressure from a minute pressure between 4.9kPa {0.05kgf/cm2}, to a maximum pressure of 980.7kPa {10kgf/cm2}.

2. Highly accurate, linear characteristics
This sensor employs a semiconductor strain gauge method, ensuring accurate and linear detection characteristics. It also has excellent repeatability of pressure characteristics.

3. Impressive line-up of models

  • Taking their place alongside the standard 5kohm bridge resistance models are those with a 3.3kohm resistance which is optimally suited to 5V drive circuits.
  • Economy model (no glass base) gives outstanding value for consumer appliances 40kPa (0.4kgf/cm2) and 49kPa (0.5kgf/cm2) units are also available.

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