Sensors for Industrial Applications: MA Motion Sensor Series

MA Motion Sensor Series design engineers Panasonic
MA Motion Sensor Series AMA

Compact triangular ranging type sensor that prevents influence of target color (reflectance).
Product lineup answers to needs for adjacent use and low current consumption.

EOL Information for MA Motion Sensor Series:

  • Information of required quantity: Jan. 31st, 2020
  • Last Time Order: Sept. 30th, 2020
  • Last Time Shipment: Sept. 30th, 2022

Line Up


1. Now even more miniature
The new thin type cuts 35% from the thickness of the previous short type. Device installing is now easier than ever.

Existing short type                                      ⇒    Thin short type
W10 × H20 × D19.5 mm                                     W10 × H20 × D12.7 mm
W.394 × H.787 × D.768 inch                              W.394 × H.787 × D.500 inch

*"W" and "H" are detection value measurements.

2. Certain detection unaffected by the reflectance of the object
The sensor can provide stable detection that is not affected by the condition (color or material of the clothing) or parts (skin, hair, etc.) of the object being monitored. (Reflectance 18% to 90%). Excellent performance even when the detection surface is dirty.

3. Only connecting DC power supply for operating
Built-in oscillation circuit type obviates the hitherto existing need for start signal input.

4. Use in adjacent positions is possible
These sensors can be located in adjacent positions, because the timing of the external trigger signals can be adjusted so that the beam frequency of each adjacent sensor will not interfere with the other.

5. Battery drive possible
By applying longer interval for the trigger signal, you can reduce the total power consumption.

6. Can be used with a number of different supply voltages.

  • The 5V DC type (4.5 to 5.5V DC)
  • The free-ranging power type (5.5 to 27V DC)

They support the DC power supplies of electronic products and equipment in general.
*The thin short type is only available for 5V DC.

7. The open collector output system makes for easy load drive.
These sensors provide a continuous output during detection because the output system makes it easy to drive the load.
They achieve an output performance of 30V, Built-in oscillation circuit type: 100 mA, External triggering type: 10 mA (Thin short type: 100 mA). Also, the thin short type is available in a PNP open collector type in addition to a NPN open collector type.



1. Water-based product market

  • Automatic lighting of wash basin units
  • Toilets
  • Automatic water flow from faucets

2. Stores and financial instructions

  • Automatic doors
  • Automatic lighting
  • Cash dispensing machines
  • Automatic teller machines
  • Visitor detecting sensors

3. Amusement market

  • Automatic lighting for game display

4. Medical field

  • Non-contact switch


3 Types for various applications (distance)

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