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White LEDs design engineers Panasonic
White LEDs

For flash light source of mobile applications, produces a high color rendering.

For automotive applications, ensures high reliability by using materials with less crystal defects and excellent heat dissipation characteristic.

For lighting applications, by using new package, achieves industry-leading energy saving and long life.

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White LEDs 


1. Provides a high color rendering index to improve the photo quality.

  This product has an Ra* of 90 (lighting level at museum) to vividly reproduce colors close to that of natural light.
   *Ra: Color rendering index. Indicates how accurately colors appear under a given light source.

  • Difference between a traditional flash and a high color rendering flash
    When shooting with the "High color rendering flash," even in a dim room, skin tones are reproduced beautifully with rich warm colors.
  • Characteristic difference between a traditional flash and a high color rendering flash
    This product provides "High color rendering flash" to achieve excellent color reproduction of red and green than traditional one.

2. The size is small, thus allowing an easy lens design and a miniaturization in end products.

3. Provides continuous lighting for shooting video.

4. Supports modular products for flash light source, in accordance with the color filter of the image sensor used.

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