Aspherical Glass Lenses: Lenses for Optical Communications

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design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFB245R
Coupling Lens (CAN type)13101260 to 16251.
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFB295R
Coupling Lens (CAN type)13101260 to 16251.351.2710.184.03.75
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFB480A
Coupling Lens (CAN type)13101260 to 16250.931.25.732.04.7
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFW135DR
Collimator Lens (Holder type)15501260 to 16252.511.68n/an/a2.5
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFW192KR
Collimator Lens (Holder type)15501260 to 16251.811.03n/an/a2.5
design engineersPanasonicEYLGUFB506A
Coupling Lens (Bare type)13101260 to 16250.630.5244□1
design engineersPanasonicEYLGUFB508A
Coupling Lens (Bare type)13101260 to 16250.550.253.985.31
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFA265AR
Collimator Lens (Holder type)15501260 to 16253.022.26n/an/a3
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFB240BR
Coupling Lens (Holder type)13101260 to 16251.41.1310.695.03
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFB305R
Coupling Lens (CAN type)13101260 to 16250.461.
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFB415R
Coupling Lens (CAN type)13101260 to 16250.941.277.564.03.75
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFB456R
Coupling Lens (Holder type)13101260 to 16250.540.253.854.51.8
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFB463R
Coupling Lens (CAN type)15701260 to 16251.482.1512.14.25
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFB485A
Coupling Lens (CAN type)15771260 to 16250.952.
design engineersPanasonicEYLGMFB488A
Coupling Lens (CAN type)15771260 to 16251.442.2612.023.85


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