Radio Frequency: Distribution Amplifier

Distribution Amplifier design engineers Panasonic

Distribution Amplifiers for TV tuner. Panasonic provides high-functional, high-performance, small distribution amplifiers (head amp ICs) optimized for customers' applications.


  • High-performance with the fine diffusion process

    • Low cost process

    • Improved sensitivity and distortion of tuners

  • Component count reduced for design simplification

    • Space-saving unlike traditional discrete products

    • High-isolation Path-Through mode

    • 3.3-V operation same as a silicon tuner

  • Available for multi-distribution and other uses

    • Used for applications from a single tuner DTV to a multi-tuner recorder, STB, and other multi-distribution devices

    • Used for UHF/VHF and BS applications

  • Small Package

    • 6pin ULGA006 (LGA Type)

      • Size: 1.52mm x 1.57 mm

      • Pitch: 0.56mm

      • Thickness: 0.4mm

    • 12pin high-end type XLGA012 (LGA Type)

      • Size: 3.0mm x 2.5mm

      • Pitch: 0.4mm

      • Thickness: 0.8mm Max.

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