Radio Frequency Devices: Power Amplifier for Handsets (PA)

Power Amplifier for Handsets (PA) design engineers Panasonic
Panasonic Power Amplifier for Handsets

Recently, the radio circuit unit of mobile phones and smartphones increases power consumption to support high-speed data communications (HSPA, LTE, etc.), therefore requiring lower-power components. Panasonic's Power Amplifiers For Handsets (PA) achieve low power consumption with the BiFET* technology, reducing the power of the radio circuit unit.

* Panasonic's original device structure that allows HFET (Hetero FET) and HBT (Hetero BT) integrated into a single chip.

Features / Benefits

  • High Efficiency Operation: 48% (Rel.99 Signal Condition Of UN06B01)
  • Integrated Power Coupler
  • Input/Output 50Ω Impedance Matching
  • Small Package (3.0mm X 3.0mm X 0.85mm)
  • 2 Modes Bias Switching Type PA


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Power Amplifier for Handsets (PA) 


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