Power Devices: DC-DC Regulators with built-in MOS

DC-DC Regulators with built-in MOS design engineers Panasonic
Panasonic DC-DC Regulators with built-in MOS

Panasonic DC-DC Regulators (also known as DC-DC Converters) With Built-In MOS integrate control ICs featuring fast response by hysteretic control and MOSFET with low on-resistance into a single package. With this Multi Chip Packaging (MCP) layout, high efficiency performance can be achieved in small package size.

Features / Benefits

  • A New Low-loss Power Transistor Design Makes Possible High-efficiency Power Supplies.
  • This MCP DC-DC Converter Combines A Hysteretic High-speed DC-DC Controller With A 2-MOS FET, All In A Single Package
  • This Convertor Features A Compact Package, And Reduces The Mounting Area To Contribute Miniaturization Of The Equipment.

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DC-DC Regulators with built-in MOS 

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