Power Devices: DC-DC Regulator for Car-AV & Industry

DC-DC Regulator for Car-AV & Industry design engineers Panasonic
Panasonic DC-DC Regulators for Car-AV and Industry

DC-DC Regulator (also known as DC-DC Converter) for Car-AV and Industry, provides EMI prevention in AM frequency band,  and is best suited for car navigation systems or car audio systems.

Features / Benefits

  • High-speed Switching Frequency Allows Use Of AM Radio EMI Measures (Two Types).
  • Power Supply And High-side Switch Are Combined On A Single Chip (Ideal For Use In USB  Applications). Overcurrent Values Can Be Set And Continuously Monitored Using Flag Output.
  • With Load Current Monitoring Function, Voltage Drop Caused By Factors Such As Cable Resistance Can Be Compensated (Using The Current Feedback Function) When Supplying Power To High-current-capacity Loads (USB, Etc.).

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