Power Devices: DC-DC Module with built-in Inductor (PSiP)

DC-DC Module with built-in Inductor (PSiP) design engineers Panasonic
Panasonic Power Supply in Package

With a unique arrangement structure, Panasonic's Power Supply in Package (PSiP) features one of the smallest mounting areas in the industry by integrating all necessary components (including an inductor) for a DC-DC converter (so-called DC-DC switching regulator). When used in communication infrastructure and industrial devices, this integrated power module offers improved performance in heat dissipation and noise profile. Overall, PSiP simplifies the power system design, reduces heat and noise emission from the circuit board, and eventually shortens the overall design process.

Features / Benefits

High Efficiency

  • PSiP consists of a MOSFET with LOW on-resistance. With the implementation of skip-mode function, this Power Module is able to achieve high efficiency at light load condition.
  • Under continuous-mode (FCCM) operation, efficiency can reach a maximum of 95%.

Fast Response

  • Quick response time is another feature of PSiP through hysteretic control capability when there is a sudden change of load current.

Small Footprint

  • Compared to conventional power circuits, PSiP achieves 50% smaller footprint and has the smallest mounting area in the industry.

Low Heat Generation

  • PSiP achieves low heat generation by introducing new advanced packaging structure and design technology.
  • Evolution of PKG structure: reduce area of heat generated by high integrated PKG Technology.

Low Noise

  • Low noise suitable for integration of power supplies.

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DC-DC Module with built-in Inductor (PSiP) 

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