Power Devices: AC-DC converter / Power supply IC (IPD)

AC-DC converter / Power supply IC (IPD) design engineers Panasonic

Panasonic IPD (Intelligent Power Devices) are AC-DC converter ICs that simplify power supply design! Panasonic boasts a wide variety of solutions to handle even the most demanding design needs.

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Features / Benefits

Unique New Control Technology

  • High Efficiency & Low Noise
  • Small, Low-cost Power Supply With High Performance

Power Supply Solution

  • Speedy Support With High Degree Of Perfection
  • Power Supply Design/Support Is Available
  • Circuit Design
  • Transformer Design
  • Operation Check (Verification)
  • Demo Board

Optimized Process

  • Single-chip IPD Process Control Circuit + HV-MOS With Lateral RESURF Structure
  • High Output With 2 Chips In One Package HV-MOS: Excellent Ron Per Unit Area (A-ron)

System Solution

  • Inverter Control Board Design With Microcontroller

From Home Appliance To Industrial/Automotive Applications

  • Extending Control Technology For Home Appliances To Industrial And Automotive Products
  • Extending High Reliability Technology For Automotive Applications To Industrial Products And Home Appliances

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