Photo Detectors: Ambient Light and Proximity Sensors

Ambient Light and Proximity Sensors design engineers Panasonic
Ambient Light Sensors

In addition to existing ambient light sensor, Panasonic has developed a composite sensor that contains 3 devices of ambient light (illumination) sensor, proximity sensor, and infrared LED in a single package. By using this sensor, power-saving and wrong operation prevention of smart phones and digital still cameras (DSC) are realizable by one sensor.

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Ambient Light Sensors 

New! Ambient light and proximity sensor combined with infrared LED CNB4001F
(sample available)

A composite sensor, which integrates an ambient light sensor detecting ambient brightness and a proximity sensor detecting the object approaching, easily enabling microcontroller-based control with I²C interface. Built-in dual A/D converter allows simultaneous execution of ambient light sensing and proximity detection. In addition, its compact, low-profile package enables you to build the sensor into your products, such as smartphones, with high flexibility. Its strong sunlight-resistance also enables you to develop various indoor/outdoor applications.


Ambient light sensors PNJ4K01F and PNJ4K11F
(under mass production)

Analog ambient light sensors with built-in photodiode and current amplifier circuit, which controls the display luminosity depending on ambient brightness and so is ideal for mobile equipments requiring low-power consumption. In addition, it has wavelength characteristics close to human relative spectral sensitivity, enabling control close to human eye response.

*Henceforth, "An ambient light and proximity sensor combined with infrared LED" is referred to as simply "An ambient light and proximity sensor" in this document.

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